Monday, 2 May 2016

Can Long Distance Relationships Really Work?

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Your first answer is no, right? Wrong.

I have been with my boyfriend for around two and a half years, and we are in a long-distance relationship. Sort of.
We go to different universities that are an hour and a half apart, and due to this, we spend a lot of time apart. We had been together for around 7 months when we went off to university, and an even shorter time than that when we were choosing universities. We both knew that we couldn't change our university choices just because of our fairly new relationship, and that if we were truly meant to be together, then it would work out.

And now here we are: two and a half years later.

Don't get me wrong, long distance relationships are hard. Some days are easier than others, but being apart from each other for the majority of the time can really take its toll on a relationship. But the one thing that struck me, when we were preparing for university, was that not one person said that we would make it. Not one single person. I had so many people ask me, 'So, are you and Carl breaking up?' and not one person say, 'You guys will be okay. You'll make it.'

And now, whenever I'm back at home and seeing people from school, I get a different kind of comment: 'No one ever thought you and Carl would make it this far, you've done so well. You've proved that long distance relationships can work.' And you know what? They really can.

Okay, I know an hour and a half isn't really that long, in hindsight, but ultimately, we were two eighteen-year-olds, and we had no idea whether this was gonna work or not. Like with any relationship, it takes work. It takes commitment. Skype will become your best friend and texting will become second-nature. At the end of the day, the only people who can say whether or not your relationship will work is you. As long as you are both committed and willing to make it work, there's no reason why it can't.

And if you are in a similar position to what we were, let me be probably the first person to tell you: you'll be okay. You'll make it.

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